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Friday, August 14, 2009

Packers lose their legend

Packers lose their legend
By Chas. A.

Winning Isn’t’s the only thing…Vince Lombardi 1913-1970

An earthquake along the magnitude of 4.0 struck the Green Bay area on March 4, and reverberated throughout the cheese state and into the NFL. After 16 seasons with the Packers, Brett Favre (QB) announced on ESPN that he would not return for his 17th as QB.

Favre burst on the NFL scene in 1992 as he replaced an injured Don Majkowski early in the season and proceeded to start the next 275 games for the Packers, the NFL onlv small town team. This feat matches the starting streak of Cal Ripken as Oriole SS. Brett's first pass was completed to himself and it was all uphill from then on, leading the team to consecutive 9-7 seasons before reaching Super Bowl #31 after the 1996 season.

The victory over New England may have been his career highlight until he broke the career TD pass record this past year, which ended in a disappointing and hard-fought OT loss to the Super Bowl Champions NY Giants.

The credit for "stealingir Favre from Atlanta Falcons goes to the former GM Ron Wolf, who told reporters he was familiar with this gritty QB after watching him almost every game during his last two years at So. Mississippi, in Hattiesburg, which is now Brett's home. He was a local boy from Kiln, Mississippi, where his dad was a football coach.

His early career was hampered by substance abuse problems, but he overcame and flourished under the guidance of girlfriend (then), now wife Deanna. They also have two daughters.After becoming an icon in Green Bay, the Farvre's have been very involved in charitable causes, including the Make a wish foundation, and also helped considerably when his home area was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He also joined in the fight against cancer, after Deanna battled the disease herself.

On the field, Brett blossomed under QB guru Mike Holmgren, but Mike stretched himself too thin by insisting on being GM and was replaced by Mike Sherman. Farvre made this new coach look good except his last season. The present coach (another) Mike... McCarthy, had been Favres' QB coach previously and Favre flourished again, going out on top as NFC North Champions with only two loses.

Favre was a legend in NFL circles, playing with a gusto not seen since the days of Ray Nitschke, often throwing blocks on "end-rounds" and chasing down DB's who intercepted him. His opponents held him in awe. Brett was consummate sportsman, allowing NYG (DE) Michael Strahan to get a fairly easy "sack" to wrap up a season record for amiable lineman, rewarded finally with a 2008 Super Bowl ring.

I can envision him playing a rousing game of "touch" football with his cousins and neighbors next fall in Mississippi, or. his farm—as long as he doesn't have to practice during the week. Please, Brett, do me one favor; do not change your mind. At present you will go down not just as one of the greatest QB's of all time but one of the best football players in the annals of the NFL.
P.S. This article was written by a Bears fan.

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